The Labyrinth at the Sanctuary

Those who have walked a labyrinth with an open heart know the power of the experience. Its path is a ritual journey from the threshold at the entrance to a more metaphoric threshold at the center—a path of discovery and self knowledge. Walking the path, one feels part of some deep archetypal world filled with energetic and intuitional processes. As one comes to the center, there is no further one can travel on the horizontal plane of the earth. Instead, the journey turns vertical traveling from the gravitation stillness of the feet through the earth and up through the uprightness of the spine toward the sky. It is on the vertical axis that one turns to commence the outward journey.          John Bloom

Built With Love

In May 2008 Lifebridge Foundation and the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, in cooperation with Intuition in Service, invited a group of colleagues from around the country to a weekend collaborative enquiry on Intuition and Money. (You can read about an earlier 2007 gathering, Intuition and Philanthropic Practice, on the Transforming Money Collaborative site). As part of the group process participants worked together to construct the Labyrinth as a gift to Lifebridge Sanctuary.

Thanks to the generosity of the Intuition and Money group, visitors to the Sanctuary now have the opportunity to walk the Labyrinth.

Ancient Cretan Design

The labyrinth at Lifebridge Sanctuary has been built from stones on the property using the design of the Bronze Age labyrinth at Knossos in Crete.

It is said that the Knossos labyrinth was presided over by a Great Goddess.

Walk the Labyrinth

All visitors to the Sanctuary are invited to walk the labyrinth, with an open heart, that they may enter into the power of the experience.