Solar Power Comes to the Sanctuary

Lifebridge Foundation promotes recognition of the oneness of humanity and the interconnectedness of all life. The solar energy system installed at Lifebridge Sanctuary in the fall of 2011 is a further expression of the Foundation’s commitment to Sustainable Energy for All and to making the Sanctuary a model for a truly Green facility.

Watch this YouTube Video from Mid-Hudson Energy $mart Communities, a project of the New York Energy Research and Development Authority

Inaugurated in November 2011

On November 21 2011, guests joined the Chair of the NY State Assembly Energy Committee, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, to inaugurate the Sanctuary's new solar energy system. Six poles carefully sited around the pond in the front of the building, each carry 8 solar panels, producing 85% of the buildings electricity needs.

Cahill spoke with pride of New York State's achievements in solar energy developments and especially commended Lifebridge Foundation for the new system and for the attention it brings to solar energy.

Saving Energy AND Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

Electricity generated by the panels that is not needed by the Sanctuary is automatically sold back to the electric utility and available for use by other customers. The system will reduce Lifebridge Sanctuary's greenhouse gas emission by 261 tons of CO2 over the next 25 years. This is equivalent to planting 10,436 trees, driving a small car 884,407 miles or traveling 537,938 air miles. The solar panels are expected to last over 40 years, producing clean energy directly from sunlight with no carbon emissions. More information here.

Inauguration Featured in Local Press

The Inauguration ceremony was featured in an article in the local newspaper, Blue Stone Press: Lifebridge Shows off New Solar Panels"

Panels Installed by Lotus Energy

Throughout October Lotus Energy worked long hours to install the Solar Array at Lifebridge Sanctuary. Although the company has only recently opened an office in USA (in Hudson, New York), Lotus Energy has over 19 years experience installing solar energy systems in Nepal and surronding countries. Lifebridge was delighted to have collaborated with Lotus Energy (working closely with Company President Jeevan Goff and Ed Gump (often shadowed by Ed's dog, Buddy) in the planning and completion of this project.