Our Environmental Policy

Lifebridge Sanctuary is committed to environmentally sustainable business practices while maintaining high standards for cleanliness, guest comfort and customer service. We strive to be environmentally responsible by recycling, purchasing energy efficient and recycled products, conserving energy and water, and employing nontoxic cleaning products. Our mission is to lessen our impact while providing guests with the comfort and enjoyment they expect from Lifebridge Sanctuary.

In 2011, we installed a solar array which provides 90% of our electricity.

We are embarking on a 20 year plan to transform our 95 acres into a permaculture edible forest garden.

Our Sustainable Practices

All light bulbs are CFLs or LEDs.

We recycle our bottles, cans, cardboard, paper, electronics, CFL's, metal, used furniture and linens.

We compost 85% of our kitchen waste.

We use minimum 30% recycled content writing papers.

We opt for cloth napkins and hand towels over paper options. Our bathroom tissue comes from minimum 50% content recycled paper.

We dispose of hazardous waste according to state regulations.

Our caterers are selected because they use in season produce from local farmers.

We are testing Green Seal certified non-toxic cleaning products.

Our sinks, shower heads and toilets are all water-conserving models.

We reduce waste by buying in bulk and using re-fillable soap and shampoo dispensers.

We have participated in an energy audit within the last two years.

We purchase Energy Star appliances when possible.