United Nations Millennium Development Goals

A Community Conversation at Lifebridge Sanctuary

In September 2000, world leaders firmly committed to fight against poverty and hunger, gender inequality, environmental degradation, and HIV/AIDS, while improving access to education, health care and clean water, by 2015. They promised to achieve 8 goals, The Millennium Development Goals.

Monthly Meetings at the Sanctuary

A local group gathers every month at Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, New York for thoughtful conversations on themes related to the Millennium Development Goals. All are welcome. We are currently planning our focus for 2009, so please check this page again soon.


Previous Public events, 2008

Major public events were held on the following dates.

THURSDAY APRIL 17, 7 - 9:30 PM 


The discussion with three local activists: Samantha Cook; PeaceWomen Project, Carla Goldstein; Director of the Women's Institute at Omega and Barbara Upton; Women in Black, New Paltz chapter was stirring and informative. THANK YOU ALL for coming!

        *                    *                  *                    *                    *

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2008  2 - 4 PM 

Observing International Day of Peace. Celebrated by thousands of people all over the world, local events of every kind are held to commemorate the IDP. We partnered with the Dhammakya Foundation and held a public discussion and prayer vigil with representatives of local faith based groups and YOU! Thank you all for coming.

        *                    *                    *                    *                    *

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 10 7PM  observing 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A public discussion took place on the importance of human rights in all its forms. A lively discussion and many interesting comments!