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Manifesting the Holistic Vision

Lifebridge Foundation was initially established to support groups and individuals working to bring the principles of oneness and interconnection into manifestation. Between 1993 and 2004 over 200 non-profit organizations and individuals have been helped to fulfill their missions.

Our grantees cover a wide range of disciplines and social concerns. Here you will find a representative sample of the recipients of Lifebridge grants, with current web sites where available and information about the nature of the grant. The list can be explored alphabetically or by subject. The Grantees featured have been divided into 7 subjects although it has been a daunting exercise to classify them. For instance, The Institute of Noetic Sciences could easily fit into the categories of Education, Science, and/or Community Service. Likewise, The Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition might be listed under Education and/or Arts & Culture. Other grantees all but defy traditional labels. In every case however, these organizations and individuals exemplify the holistic precepts which form the core of The Lifebridge Foundation's purposes.

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